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This is an auto renewing subscription service that will continue until cancelled anytime by texting STOP to short code 37215. Available to users over 18 for $9.99 per month charged on your wireless account or deducted from your prepaid balance for 3 alerts per week on T-Mobile, AT&T, Verizon Wireless, Sprint, Nextel, Virgin Mobile USA, Cellular One, Cincinnati Bell and Unicel. Alltel and U.S. Cellular users receive 5 alerts per week. For $4.99 per month for 2 alerts per week on Boost. For Swami Predicts support: text HELP to 37215, email or call 1800 235 7105 for automated help or call 1800 416 6129 for a live operator. Message and data rates may apply. Your phone must have text messaging capability. You must be the owner of this device or have permission from the owner. By signing up for this service and entering your personal PIN Code delivered to the cell phone number supplied by you on this website, you acknowledge that you are agreeing to the full Terms of Use. Click here for full Terms & Conditions. For Privacy Policy click here.